This is a site that seeks to explore different mental health issues as it pertains to psych nurses or their patients.  These are issues that I do not think get explored in any traditional format so I will do it here.

I am a psych nurse currently working.  I do not think my setting is important and I do not know if my employers would like me to mention them so I will not.  I have been a nurse since 1992 and have worked in a variety of settings including correctional, hospital, and long term. I have worked in psych for the last 3 years and find it exciting and challenging.  I like all of psych but I prefer Geri psychiatry which makes me unique in my field I think.  I am in my 50’s and that is just important because I have some life experience under my belt.  I have three children all grown and two special needs grandchildren, one with epilepsy and one with autism. I do belong to the APNA, American Psychiatric Nurse Association and I believe strongly in its work.  I live in Florida and since laws differ from state to state that is very important. I have my bachelors in nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing and hope to go for my masters soon in nursing. I intend to specialize in education.

I believe in the Greek philosophy of connecting the body, mind and the soul.  Although I listen to all religious perspectives, I am Christian and Lutheran.  I will occasionally make a blog with this entwined. If you do like that then do not read it, I make no apologies for my faith.  I do feel in the modern world, especially in healthcare, we do not talk about the spiritual aspect of our clients and ourselves and I think that is wrong.  I am not attempting to convert anyone but it an aspect of ourselves that I think we should cherish.

I will attempt to make a new blog every week at the beginning of the week.  since I work in healthcare my schedule is very fluid and I work every other weekend so cannot guarantee that it will be a Sunday.  The topics will be decided by me and probably will concern current news topics.  If nothing else, this will be like a journal for me to talk about topics in my field. I invite the readers comments but will not necessarily respond to them. I hope that it is informative and If I state something that is wrong, I wish that people would tell me.  Just remember these are my opinions only when I state them.  If I quote I will definitely tell you my source that way you can read it for yourself.

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I will have fun writing it.

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